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Aviation Broker: Private Aircraft Charter

The main objective of an aircharter is to save time and consequently increase productivity.

We can source in minimum time the right plane to suit all requirements.

Africa- Air Charter is an independent private jet aviation broker. As a globally operating, independent airbroker we will always try to find the best offer within the framework of your requirements.

Please be aware that Africa- Air Charter does not own or operate any private jets.

For this reason our quotes are independent and that our quotes for charter flights are recommendations only. We only recommend the finest aircraft to fly. All recommendations are based on the highest standards of safety and comfort.  

We always make absolutely sure that all of the stipulations of the aviation supervisory authorities are strictly complied with or even surpassed.  

Africa- Air Charter’s offices are located conveniently in Centurion, close to Johannesburg and Pretoria. This is between various Airports in the GAUTENG Area of South Africa.

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Find out more by calling tel +27(0) 827950411 / +27 (0) 8229214406 / +27 (0) 826768444 or by e-mail:

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